Archive of Past Issues

This page presents an archive of past issues of the Reliability HotWire, ReliaSoft's monthly eMagazine for the reliability professional. A subject index for all of ReliaSoft's reliability publications (including the HotWire) is also available.

Issue 202, December 2017
  • The Case for Generic FMEAs and Strategies for How to Use Them in Xfmea
  • Generating a life data model for a nondestructive degradation data set
  • FMEA Corner: Is there a better way than RPN?
Issue 201, November 2017
  • Generating Random Numbers from an Exponential Distribution
  • FMEA Data Entry Enhancements
  • FMEA Corner: How to Get Better Results with FMEAs, in Less Time
Issue 200, October 2017
  • Fatigue and Reliability Analysis with Time-Varying Stress Using the Cumulative Damage Model
  • Configuring the metrics and colors in BlockSim's FRED reports
  • FMEA Corner: Legal Guidelines for FMEAs
Issue 199, September 2017
  • Parameter Diagrams
  • Exporting Diagrams Created in Weibull++/ALTA to BlockSim
  • FMEA Corner: Pugh Analysis (Decision Matrix Method)
Issue 198, August 2017
  • Estimating Failures for a Fleet of Vehicles with Different Configurations
  • Enabling the Item Risk Feature in Xfmea/RCM++/RBI
  • FMEA Corner: To Scribe or Not to Scribe
Issue 197, July 2017
  • Reliability Test Design: Linking Fatigue and Reliability
  • Usability Enhancements in BlockSim 11
  • FMEA Corner: Key Process Characteristics
Issue 196, June 2017
  • The Risks of Using Failure Rate to Calculate Reliability Metrics
  • Creating Stress Profiles in ALTA PRO Version 11
  • FMEA Corner: Key Product Characteristics
Issue 195, May 2017
  • A Method for Estimating Bounds on System Reliability in the Absence of Times-to-Failure Data
  • Searching for a Particular Analysis Across Multiple Projects in a Synthesis Repository
  • FMEA Corner: How to Manage Conflict in FMEAs
Issue 194, April 2017
  • Statistical Intervals
  • Using BlockSim's New Fault Tree Tracer
  • FMEA Corner: Brainstorming
Issue 193, March 2017
  • Conditional Reliability for a System
  • Sending a Copy of a Synthesis Database or Project via E-mail
  • FMEA Corner: Achieving Balanced Participation in FMEA Meetings
Issue 192, February 2017
  • Using Risk Ranking Logic in FMEAs
  • Setting Default Column Names in Weibull++, ALTA and RGA Data Sheets
  • FMEA Corner: Essential FMEA Facilitation Skills
Issue 191, January 2017
  • Evaluation of Life Test Plans with Different Censoring Schemes
  • Using the Drag and Drop Tools in BlockSim/RENO
  • FMEA Corner: Decomposing System Functions to Lower Levels
Issue 190, December 2016
  • Characterising the Reliability of a Blower System for Medical Devices
  • Using Diagram Skins to Modify a Diagram's Appearance
  • FMEA Corner: FMEA and Robust Design
Issue 189, November 2016
  • Modeling Specific Functions of a Ring Network Topology in BlockSim
  • Editing Multiple Local Resources at One Time
  • FMEA Corner: Hazard Analysis
Issue 188, October 2016
  • Modeling a Ring Network Topology in BlockSim
  • Equation-Building Tools in RENO
  • FMEA Corner: Software FMEA
Issue 187, September 2016
  • Median Ranks Calculation for Fractional Failures
  • Entering Data for Multiple Systems in RGA
  • FMEA Corner: Using "Mode of Operation" in FMEA Applications
Issue 186, August 2016
  • When is it Appropriate to Use/Trust the Distribution Wizard?
  • Including Custom Properties in your Xfmea/RCM++/RBI Analyses
  • FMEA Corner: What is Unique About a System FMEA?
Issue 185, July 2016
  • The Importance of Looking at the Probability Plot When Fitting a Model Using Least Squares Regression
  • Sharing Resources Between Projects
  • FMEA Corner: Can You Anticipate Everything?
Issue 184, June 2016
  • Using the General Log-Linear Model in ALTA PRO for Thermal Cycling
  • Overriding Default Plot Colors
  • FMEA Corner: Interface Matrix
Issue 183, May 2016
  • Using Markov Diagrams in BlockSim for Availability Analysis
  • Getting a Closer Look at Plots
  • FMEA Corner: Functional Block Diagrams
Issue 182, April 2016
  • Two Methods for Analyzing Time-Varying Stress Data in ALTA
  • Using the Same FMEA in Multiple Places Within a Database
  • FMEA Corner: Parameter Diagrams (P-Diagrams)
Issue 181, March 2016
  • Failure Rate of Redundant Configurations in Lambda Predict
  • Searching or Viewing Analyses from Multiple Projects in a Database
  • FMEA Corner: Using FMEA Quality Objectives to Audit FMEAs
Issue 180, February 2016
  • Using Mixture Designs in DOE++
  • Generating a List of the Tasks in MPC Analyses
  • FMEA Corner: Common FMEA Mistakes
Issue 179, January 2016
  • The Optimum Overhaul Time Calculation in RGA
  • Using BlockSim Simulation Results in RENO Flowcharts
  • FMEA Corner: Using Process FMEAs to Improve Process Control Plans
Issue 178, December 2015
  • Destructive Degradation Analysis in Weibull++
  • Using FMEA Block Diagrams to Define the Scope of an Analysis
  • FMEA Corner: Using Design FMEAs to improve Design Verification Plans
Issue 177, November 2015
  • Using Markov Diagrams in BlockSim for Reliability Analysis
  • Avoiding Alias Interactions in a Taguchi Orthogonal Array Design
  • FMEA Corner: Discussing the Controversial Issue of FMEA Pre-population
Issue 176, October 2015
  • A Simple Method for Analyzing a Data Set with Unknown Suspension Times
  • Using RGA's Convert Modes Utility to Change the Failure Mode Label or Classification Throughout a Data Sheet
  • FMEA Corner: Application Tips - Begin with Concerns
Issue 175, September 2015
  • Fractional Failure Analysis in Weibull++
  • Changing a Project's Owner
  • FMEA Corner: Common Facilitation Problems
Issue 174, August 2015
  • Modeling Maintenance-induced Failures During the Scheduled Maintenance of a Component Using Reliability Block Diagrams (RBDs)
  • Using the Recycle Bin with Projects
  • FMEA Corner: Action Strategies to Reduce Detection Risk
Issue 173, July 2015
  • Starting a Reliability Journey: A Guide to Initiating Reliability Within Your Organization
  • Obtaining Plots and Results from a Reliability Model Without Entering an Actual Data Set
  • FMEA Corner: Action Strategies to Reduce Occurrence Risk
Issue 172, June 2015
  • Considering a Use Stress Distribution in a Quantitative Accelerated Life Testing Analysis
  • Identifying the Least Reliable Components in a System in Lambda Predict
  • FMEA Corner: Action Strategies to Reduce Severity Risk
Issue 171, May 2015
  • Determine Lab Test Target Based on Warranty Reliability Requirement
  • Configuring a Maintenance Phase in BlockSim
  • FMEA Corner: Five Whys
Issue 170, April 2015
  • Incorporating Recurrent Event Data Analysis in Reliability Block Diagrams
  • Setting the Sequence of Standby Units in BlockSim
  • FMEA Corner: The Use of Failure Mechanisms in FMEA
Issue 169, March 2015
  • FRACAS: From Data Collecting to Problem Solving
  • Designing RENO Flowcharts That are Easy to Maintain and Debug
  • FMEA Corner: Function Types
Issue 168, February 2015
  • Reliability Estimation for Products with Random Usage
  • Choosing Which Columns to Display in Analysis Hierarchies and Tables
  • FMEA Corner: Assembling the Correct FMEA Team
Issue 167, January 2015
  • Analyzing Competing Failure Modes Using Batch Auto Run
  • Creating an Overlay Plot for Different Data Sheets in the Same Folio
  • FMEA Corner: Gathering Information
Issue 166, December 2014
  • Screening Experiments Using Plackett-Burman Design
  • Using Conditional Formatting in RENO Flowcharts
  • FMEA Corner: FMEA Ground Rules and Assumptions
Issue 165, November 2014
  • Understanding the Effect of the Beta Parameter on Demonstration Testing
  • Configuring a Synthesis Application's Workspace to Fit Your Needs
  • FMEA Corner: Making the FMEA Scope Visible
Issue 164, October 2014
  • A Case Study Using Monte Carlo Simulation for Risk Analysis
  • Using the Quick Parameter Estimator to Estimate the Parameters of a Distribution
  • FMEA Corner: Determining the Scope of the FMEA
Issue 163, September 2014
  • Confidence Intervals on Stress-Strength Analysis in Weibull++
  • Publishing Models Based on Reliability DOE Analyses
  • FMEA Corner: Preliminary Risk Assessment
Issue 162, August 2014
  • Sequential Probability Ratio Test for Reliability Demonstration
  • Inserting Standard Analysis Plots into my Custom Word Report Templates
  • FMEA Corner: Philosophy of Effective FMEAs
Issue 161, July 2014
  • Design Comparison Using Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Universal Reliability Definitions (URDs)
  • FMEA Corner: RPN
Issue 160, June 2014
  • Baseline Reliability Prediction at the Early Product Design Stage
  • Features and Data Shared by Synthesis applications
  • FMEA Corner: Detection
Issue 159, May 2014
  • Beyond Event Trees – Using RENO for Static and Dynamic Event Graphs
  • Performing Life Cycle Audits in Lambda Predict
  • FMEA Corner: Occurrence
Issue 158, April 2014
  • Sensitivity Analysis Using Simulation Worksheets in BlockSim and DOE++
  • Set Maintenance Tasks to Be Performed Together in BlockSim
  • FMEA Corner: Severity
Issue 157, March 2014
  • Using the Synthesis API to Transfer Data to a Synthesis Repository
  • Using Font Color to Identify Different Types of Data Points in Weibull++
  • FMEA Corner: Recommended Actions
Issue 156, February 2014
  • Optimum Preventive Maintenance Replacement Time in Clusters Using BlockSim
  • Batch Simulation in BlockSim
  • FMEA Corner: Controls
Issue 155, January 2014
  • Improving Product Reliability Using Design of Experiments
  • Managing and Organizing All Projects in a Synthesis Database
  • FMEA Corner: Causes
Issue 154, December 2013
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis Using Simulation
  • Using Xfmea/RCM++ 9 to Share Information Between the Process Flow Diagram, Process FMEA and Process Control Plan
  • FMEA Corner: Effects
Issue 153, November 2013
  • Measurement Systems Analysis in DOE++
  • Making a Synthesis Resource Available to all Projects in the Database
  • FMEA Corner: Failure Modes
Issue 152, October 2013
  • Bellcore/Telcordia reliability prediction in Lambda Predict
  • Saving in Synthesis Applications, Using Restore Points to Roll Back
  • FMEA Corner: Functions
Issue 151, September 2013
  • Introduction to Risk Based Inspection (RBI)
  • Communicating with Other Synthesis Users
Issue 150, August 2013
  • Using BlockSim to Analyze a Non-Repairable Standby Function Unit
  • Changing the Appearance of the Lines Between Blocks in BlockSim Diagrams
Issue 149, July 2013
  • Using ALTA to Model Destructive Degradation Data
  • Tracking the Changes to Analyses Performed in Xfmea and RCM++
Issue 148, June 2013
  • Discussion of Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the 3-Parameter Weibull Distribution
  • Using the Project Manager to Organize Projects and Analysis Folios in Synthesis Applications
Issue 147, May 2013
  • Estimating Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM) Using BlockSim
  • Using Weibull++ 8's Difference Detection Matrix to Compare the Reliability Between Product Designs
Issue 146, April 2013
  • Using Central Composite Design for Process Optimization
  • Converting temperature values in Celsius or Fahrenheit to Kelvin or Rankine in ALTA
Issue 145, March 2013
  • Choosing the Optimum Maintenance Interval with Weibull++
  • Reliability Importance Calculations in BlockSim
Issue 144, February 2013
  • Calculating Equivalent Acceleration Factors for Random Stresses
  • Using the DFR Planner in Xfmea/RCM++ 8
Issue 143, January 2013
  • Confidence Bounds in Reliability Growth Planning
  • Getting Documentation, Examples, Technical Support and Free Updates for Synthesis applications
Issue 142, December 2012
  • Calculating Optimal Reliability Using Weibull++'s Target Reliability Tool
  • Using a Standby Container in BlockSim 8 When the Blocks in One of the Paths are Not in Series
Issue 141, November 2012
  • Unbiasing Beta for the Crow-AMSAA NHPP Model
  • Using the Expected Failure Times Plot in Weibull++ 8
Issue 140, October 2012
  • Using State Change Triggers to Model Dependent Events with Delay in BlockSim 8
  • Choosing an Interval Width for the Usage Distribution in Weibull++ Usage Format Warranty Folios
Issue 139, September 2012
  • Using Reliability Allocation Analysis to Set Component Specifications
  • Deactivating a Synthesis Application
Issue 138, August 2012
  • Practice Auditing an Actual FMEA
  • Test Design Using the Expected Failure Times Plot
  • ALTA's Quick Parameter Estimator (QCP)
  • Choosing Which Interface to Display Based on Product License
Issue 137, July 2012
  • Good FMEAs, Bad FMEAs - What's the Difference?
  • Demonstrating a Difference in Life Using the Difference Detection Matrix
  • The Difference Between GRP and Eta/RF Parameterization in Weibull++ Parametric RDA Folios
  • Changing the Project Owner in a Synthesis project
Issue 136, June 2012
  • A Response Surface Approach for Robust Parameter Design
  • Bayesian Reliability Demonstration Test Design
  • "System Is New on Start Date" in Weibull++ Event Logs
  • Time Units in Synthesis Applications
Issue 135, May 2012
  • Modeling Nonlinear Systems in Reliability Phase Simulation
  • Using FMRA to Estimate Baseline Reliability
  • Using analysis workbook templates in Weibull++ 8, ALTA 8 and BlockSim 8
  • Configuring the display of control columns in analysis worksheets in Xfmea and RCM++
Issue 134, April 2012
  • Advanced RBD Modeling Using State Change Triggers
  • Using Extrapolated Intervals in ALTA Degradation Analysis
  • Reliability Growth Test Plans in RGA 7
  • Reliability Block Diagrams in Weibull++ 8 and ALTA 8
Issue 133, March 2012
  • The Synthesis Project & Platform: The Next Evolutionary Stage of Reliability Engineering, Analysis & Modeling
  • Complex Risk Analysis of System-Level Effects
  • Controlling Levels of Access to Synthesis Repositories
  • Managing Project Categories
Issue 132, February 2012
  • Challenges in Selecting an Integrated Enterprise-wide Reliability Solution: An IT Perspective
  • Predicting the Number of Failures for Repairable Systems
  • Assessing Risk in Xfmea and RCM++
  • Spreadsheet Functions in Weibull++, ALTA and RGA
Issue 131, January 2012
  • Taguchi Orthogonal Array Designs
  • Using the Power Law Model for Data Analysis in RGA
  • Using BlockSim to achieve a reliability goal
  • Performing a quick what-if analysis on a failure model without supplying data
Issue 130, December 2011
  • Box-Behnken Designs for Optimizing Product Performance
  • Analyzing Maintenance Data with the Event Log Folio in Weibull++
  • Understanding "Gap Analysis" in RGA
  • Using Simulation in Weibull++ to Design a Reliability Test
Issue 129, November 2011
  • Using Simulation to Determine the Required Spare Parts for Fielded Systems
  • Using SimuMatic in RGA
  • Basic Tips for Using the Function Wizard
  • Selecting a Derating Standard in Lambda Predict
Issue 128, October 2011
  • Analyzing Failure Modes Using RBDs in Weibull++
  • Extreme Value Distributions
  • Grouped Data Settings in Weibull++
  • Prioritizing/Highlight Failure Causes in Xfmea/RCM++
Issue 127, September 2011
  • Truncation of the Integral Used in the Comparison Wizard in Weibull++: Part II
  • Using RENO to Examine Interval Width
  • Speeding Data Entry in Weibull++ and ALTA
  • Changing the Project Creator in Xfmea 5/RCM++ 5
Issue 126, August 2011
  • Determining the Sample Size for a Life Test Based on the Shape Parameter of the Weibull Distribution
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) - A Cost Saving Measure
  • Choosing a Stress Type in the ALTA Life vs. Stress Plots
  • Free Reliability Engineering Resources
Issue 125, July 2011
  • The Parametric Models for Common Cause Failure Analysis
  • Truncation of the Integral Used in the Comparison Wizard in Weibull++
  • Using the Auto Group Data Tool in Weibull++ and ALTA
  • Using Parts from in Lambda Predict
Issue 124, June 2011
  • Asset Performance Management Using Orion eAPI
  • Accelerated Test Planning in ALTA
  • MLE and Probability Plots in Weibull++ 7
  • Managing Records in Xfmea/RCM++ 5 Hierarchies
Issue 123, May 2011
  • Taguchi Robust Design for Product Improvement: Part II
  • The MLE Solution for the Location Parameter of the 2-Parameter Exponential Distribution
  • Installing ReliaSoft Software Without User Input
  • Using the Duty Cycle in BlockSim
Issue 122, April 2011
  • Taguchi Robust Design for Product Improvement
  • FRACAS: An Essential Ingredient for Reliability Success
  • Customize and Annotate Plots from ReliaSoft Applications
  • Comparison Wizard and Stress-Strength Wizard Tools in Weibull++ and ALTA
Issue 121, March 2011
  • ReliaSoft’s Technical Support Services
  • Degradation Model Analysis in ALTA
  • Working with Bellcore/Telcordia Predictions in Lambda Predict 3
  • Creating Multiplots in Weibull++/ALTA/RGA/BlockSim
Issue 120, February 2011
  • Building a Composite Function in the Weibull++
    Function Wizard
  • Relating Distribution Parameters to Real-World Applications
  • "Save Log of Simulations" Results in BlockSim 7
  • Project Access Settings in Xfmea 5/ RCM++ 5
Issue 119, January 2011
  • Reliability Growth Planning
  • Predicting Warranty Returns in Weibull++ 7
  • Segregating data in Weibull++ 7
  • Resources to help learn ReliaSoft software
Issue 118, December 2010
  • Phase Analysis with Complex Diagrams
  • Using the Cumulative Binomial Equation for Reliability Demonstration Test Design and for Estimating the Parameters of a Data Set with Zero Failures
  • Using the Specify Points Tool for Data Outliers in Weibull++
  • Adding External Components for Reliability Prediction Standards in Lambda Predict 3
Issue 117, November 2010
  • Gathering Information for Effective Design and Process FMEAs
  • Understanding Updated Life Data Results
  • Reusing Existing Data in Lambda Predict 3
  • Updating Records when Drop-Down List Options Change in Xfmea 5/RCM++ 5
Issue 116, October 2010
  • Miner’s Rule and Cumulative Damage Models
  • Chi-Squared Distribution and Reliability Demonstration Test Design
  • Change the Data Type for a Standard Folio in RGA 7
  • Evaluate Accelerated Life Test Design Using ALTA’s Test Planning Utility
Issue 115, September 2010
  • Forecasting Underground Electric Cable Faults Using the Crow-AMSAA Model
  • The Beta Factor Method
  • Customizing Import Templates in Xfmea 5/RCM++ 5
  • Parallel Configurations in Lambda Predict 3
Issue 114, August 2010
  • Using RENO to Enhance Traditional Engineering Analysis
  • Interpretation of the Integral Used in the Weibull++ Comparison Wizard
  • Entering Data from Multiple Systems in RGA 7
  • Import/Export FMEA Data Between XFMEA 5/RCM++ 5 and XFRACAS
Issue 113, July 2010
  • Optimum Maintenance Intervals in RCM++
  • Determining Significant Effects in 2k Designs with a Single Replicate
  • Linked Blocks in Lambda Predict 3
  • Standard Database Login Security in Xfmea 5/RCM++ 5
Issue 112, June 2010
  • Build Equivalent Single System During Reliability Growth Testing
  • Degradation Model Selection in Weibull++
  • A Quick Way to Build a Phrase Set Library Based on Existing Libraries in Another FMEA
  • Turning Off the Confirmation Window when Using the Block Properties Window to Move to Another Block
Issue 111, May 2010
  • Enterprise Level Management of FMEAs — A Fictional Case Study
  • Risk Discovery Analysis in Xfmea
  • Taguchi Designs in DOE++
  • Learning About Service Releases
Issue 110, April 2010
  • Another Look at the Shape Parameter of the Weibull Distribution (Beta)
  • Accelerated Degradation Analysis Using ALTA
  • Warranty Predictions Based on Data from a Quantitative Accelerated Life Test
  • Updating Children in Lambda Predict 3
Issue 109, March 2010
  • Crow Extended Fleet Analysis
  • Unbiasing Parameters in Weibull++
  • Assigning Factors to Specific Columns of a Taguchi OA in DOE++
  • Tools Available to Design a Reliability Demonstration Test
Issue 108, February 2010
  • Using the Chart Wizard to Create a Custom Plot
  • Failure Rate of a Series System Using Weibull++
  • Shortcut for Entering License Numbers
  • Getting Help Configuring XFRACAS
Issue 107, January 2010
  • Importing Data from Excel Files to DOE++
  • Statistical Tests for Effectiveness of Corrective Actions in RGA 7
  • Sorting DOE++ Data Sheet by Factors
  • Explaining the differences between Xfmea, RCM++ and MPC 3
Issue 106, December 2009
  • Reliability Demonstration Test for Repairable Systems
  • Comparison of Fisher Matrix and Likelihood Ratio Confidence Bound Methods
  • RGA 7 Data Sheet Choices
  • Obtaining the Latest ReliaSoft Software Updates and Upgrades
Issue 105, November 2009
  • Operational Mission Profile Testing in RGA 7
  • Residual Plots in Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis
  • Item Properties window in BlockSim
  • Cumulative and Non-cumulative Data Input in RGA 7
Issue 104, October 2009
  • New Features in RGA 7 for Reliability Growth Analysis and Fielded Repairable System Analysis
  • Median Rank Based on Mean Order Number
  • Calculated Results in Lambda Predict 3
  • Entering Classification and Mode Data in RGA 7
Issue 103, September 2009
  • How Long Should You Burn In a System? (Part II)
  • Steps in a System Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Simulation Analysis
  • Providing FMEA Worksheet Instructions in Xfmea/RCM++
  • MIL-HDBK-217F Custom Connection Types in Lambda Predict
Issue 102, August 2009
  • Using Spreadsheets in RENO
  • Bounds on System Reliability
  • Using Data from Lambda Predict 3 in BlockSim 7 Analyses
  • Building Equations in RENO
Issue 101, July 2009
  • Variability Analysis in DOE++ and its Application
  • Individual and Joint Parameter Bounds in Weibull++
  • Weibull++'s Monte Carlo Simulation Utility
  • ReliaSoft Software in Other Languages
Issue 100, June 2009
  • Using DOE++ For Product and Process Optimization
  • A Pro-rata Warranty Model for Non-Repairable Products
  • Phase diagrams in BlockSim
  • FMEA Templates and FMEA Accelerator
Issue 99, May 2009
  • Hands On: Reliability DOE with Covariates
  • Reliability Allocation and Optimization Using BlockSim
  • Minimal Cut Sets in BlockSim
  • MultiPlots and Saving Plots in Lambda Predict 3
Issue 98, April 2009
  • Demonstration Test Design Using the DRT Tool in Weibull++
  • Reliability Allocation Using Lambda Predict
  • Differences Between BlockSim and RENO
  • Variability Analysis in DOE++
Issue 97, March 2009
  • Using Multiple Reliability Tools to Augment Limited Data
  • An Application of BlockSim’s Log of Simulations
  • DOE++ Quick and Customized Reports
  • Importing Data from Excel into Xfmea/RCM++
Issue 96, February 2009
  • Comparing Two Products Using a Single Metric
  • Preventive Maintenance and the Cost Per Unit Time Equation
  • Tools to Design Reliability Tests
  • Training Seminar Discounts
Issue 95, January 2009
  • Replicated Runs and Repeated Runs
  • Analysis of Variance
  • DOE++'s File Import Wizard
  • RSS Feeds from ReliaSoft
Issue 94, December 2008
  • Using DOE++ to Analyze Unbalanced Designs
  • MTTF, MTBF, Mean Time between Replacements and MTBF with Scheduled Replacements
  • DOE++'s Analysis History Window
  • Severity Class and Failure Probability Ratings in Xfmea/RCM++
Issue 93, November 2008
  • Interaction Between the House of Quality (within Design for Six Sigma) and the FMEA (within Design for Reliability)
  • Using OC Curves in Design of Reliability Tests
  • Monitoring Analysis Progress in Xfmea/RCM++
  • DOE++'s Modify Design Window
Issue 92, October 2008
  • Can the Likelihood Value be Greater Than 0?
  • Derating for Electronic Components
  • Making Changes to Existing DOE++ Designs
  • Adding Items from One BlockSim Project to Another
Issue 91, September 2008
  • Using BlockSim for System Capability Analysis
  • The Distribution Wizard in Weibull++ 7
  • Navigating Among Xfmea/RCM++ Project Windows
  • Modeling On-condition Maintenance in BlockSim
Issue 90, August 2008
  • Using ALTA with Multi-Stress Physics of Failure Models
  • Estimating the Expected Number of Failures for Items with Minimal or Perfect Repair
  • Adding Records Out of Order in Xfmea/RCM++
  • Block Status/Function Indicators in BlockSim
Issue 89, July 2008
  • Modeling a Complex Maintenance Scenario in BlockSim
  • Maintenance Policies in BlockSim
  • Comparing Data Sets in Weibull++
  • Copying Pictures of Xfmea/RCM++ Hierarchies to Other Applications
Issue 88, June 2008
  • An Example of Using Reliability DOE for Life Testing
  • Type I and Type II Errors and Their Applications
  • Selecting Transformations in DOE++
  • Pnz in Weibull++
Issue 87, May 2008
  • How to Define a Complicated Stress Profile
  • Residual Plots for Lifetime Distributions
  • Excluding Effects from DOE++ Analyses
  • Probability Scales in Weibull++ 7
Issue 86, April 2008
  • Degradation Analysis in Destructive Testing - Part II
  • Discussion of the Residual Sum of Squares in DOE
  • Editing Optimal Solutions in DOE++
  • The XFRACAS Portal Page Tasks Area
Issue 85, March 2008
  • Degradation Analysis in Destructive Testing
  • Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE) - DOE Types
  • Copying Multiple Items in Xfmea/RCM++
  • Example Files for ReliaSoft Software
Issue 84, February 2008
  • Introduction to Design of Experiments (DOE)
  • Software Reliability Growth Modeling Using the Standard and Modified Gompertz Models
  • Notification E-mails for New Statuses in XFRACAS
  • Reporting Options in Xfmea/RCM++
Issue 83, January 2008
  • Life Data Analysis with Zero-Time (Out-Of-The-Box) Failures
  • Analyzing Growth Success/Failure and Reliability Data Using the Lloyd-Lipow Model
  • Stress Profiles in ALTA's Monte Carlo and SimuMatic Utilities
  • Repeatability of Results in BlockSim and RENO
Issue 82, December 2007
  • Estimating Reliability Based on Multiple Random Stress Types
  • Analyzing Success/Failure and Reliability Data Using the Logistic Model
  • Preventive Maintenance and Inspections During Maintenance Phases in BlockSim
  • Running ReliaSoft's Software Under Windows Vista
Issue 81, November 2007
  • Life Data Analysis of Load Sharing Units
  • Analyzing Success/Failure Data Using the Crow Discrete Reliability Growth Model
  • Multiple Failure Modes in Weibull++
  • Keeping Your Software Up to Date
Issue 80, October 2007
  • Analyzing Excess System Downtime Through System Modeling
  • Reliability Requirements and Specifications
  • Rank Regression or MLE in Life Data Analysis
  • BlockSim 7's Maintenance Templates
Issue 79, September 2007
  • Time Varying and Multi-Phase Throughput Analysis
  • Availability and the Different Ways to Calculate It
  • Actions Management Features Offered in Xfmea/RCM++
  • Try Before You Buy… Easily.
Issue 78, August 2007
  • Analysis and Modeling of Grouped and Opportunistic Preventive Maintenance
  • Reliability Growth Analysis with Missing or Erroneous Data
  • Lambda Predict provides a variety of print-ready reports for analysis, including Failure Rate, Parts List, Pi Factors, and more
  • FMEA Hierarchy and the FMEA Worksheet in Xfmea/RCM++
Issue 77, July 2007
  • Using FMEA Templates to Speed Up and Improve the Quality of FMEA or RCM Analyses
  • Restoration Factors in BlockSim
  • Scheduling Simultaneous Maintenance in BlockSim
  • Custom Libraries in Lambda Predict
Issue 76, June 2007
  • On-Condition Maintenance Using P-F Interval or Failure Detection Threshold (FDT)
  • Basic Steps of Applying Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) – Part III
  • Folio Association in Weibull++ and ALTA
  • Changes to Degradation Analysis in ALTA 7
Issue 75, May 2007
  • Using Off-Site Spare Part Stocks to Maintain Systems
  • Expanded Models for Accelerated Life Test Analysis with Time-Varying Stresses
  • Weibull++ 7 and ALTA 7 Integration
  • Duty Cycles in BlockSim 7
Issue 74, April 2007
  • Using Duty Cycles in System Reliability Analysis
  • Introduction to the Generalized Eyring Life-Stress Relationship
  • BlockSim 7's Resource Usage window
  • Managing Stress Profiles in ALTA 7 PRO
Issue 73, March 2007
  • Usage-Based Warranty Analysis
  • Basic Steps of Applying Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) – Part II
  • RENO's Item Properties Table
  • Prioritizing Issues in Xfmea/RCM++
Issue 72, February 2007
  • You Have a Small Data Set: What Do You Do?
  • Basic Steps of Applying Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) – Part I
  • Exporting Descriptions to Phrase Sets in Xfmea/RCM++
  • Conditional formatting in RENO
Issue 71, January 2007
  • The RCM Perspective on Maintenance
  • How Good Is Your Assumed Distribution's Fit?
  • Find/Replace in Xfmea/RCM++
  • Lambda Predict 2's Grid Templates
Issue 70, December 2006
  • Using BlockSim 6 for Planning Just-In-Time Ordering of Spare Parts
  • Standards Based Reliability Prediction in a Nutshell
  • New Features in Xfmea/RCM++ 4's FMEA Worksheet
  • Lambda Predict 2's Library Browse Window
Issue 69, November 2006
  • Using the New Change Log Utility in Xfmea or RCM++
  • How Long Should You Burn In a System?
  • Preventing data loss in Lambda Predict
  • Simplifying data entry in Xfmea and RCM++
Issue 68, October 2006
  • Don’t Let Your Event/Maintenance Log Data Go to Waste
  • How to Simplify Complex RBDs with a Commonly Used Distribution
  • Assigning item properties based on part number in Lambda Predict
  • Repeatability of simulation results in RENO
Issue 67, September 2006
  • Analysis of Accelerated Tests with Competing Failure Modes
  • What Would Deming Do?
  • Weibull++ File Import Wizard
  • RENO Subcharts and Subroutines
Issue 66, August 2006
  • Process Variation and Capability Assessment
  • Reliability Importance Measures of Components in a Complex System - Identifying the 20% in the 80/20 Rule
  • Confidence bounds in the Weibull++ 7 Function Wizard
  • Creating/editing phrase sets in RCM++/Xfmea
Issue 65, July 2006
  • Degradation Analysis in Step-Stress Accelerated Testing
  • Reliability Growth Test Planning and Management
  • RENO's Definitions Report
  • Order of standby blocks in BlockSim
Issue 64, June 2006
  • Analyzing Warranty Data of Repairable Systems
  • Economical Life Model for Repairable Systems
  • Default plot titles in Weibull++ 7 and RENO (*)
  • Linked blocks in Lambda Predict
Issue 63, May 2006
  • Modeling Event Trees in RENO
  • Minimal Cut Sets
  • Tips on working with plots in Weibull++ and RENO
  • Returns within the sales period in Weibull++
Issue 62, April 2006
  • Modeling Periodical Inspection and Early Failure Detection in BlockSim
  • Component Reliability Importance in System Reliability Analysis
  • Component failure rates and system failure rates in Lambda Predict
  • Adjusting the status display in RENO's Simulation Console
Issue 61, March 2006
  • Probabilistic Event and Risk Analysis with RENO
  • Common Beta Hypothesis Test In Reliability Growth and Repairable Systems Analysis
  • Flag Markers and their order of execution in RENO
  • Analysis plans in RCM++ and Xfmea
Issue 60, February 2006
  • Using Simulation to Design Reliability Demonstration Tests
  • Bayesian Confidence Bounds
  • Maintenance task assigned intervals in RCM++
  • RENO's intelligent equation-building features
Issue 59, January 2006
  • Analysis of Non-Homogeneous Warranty Data
  • Parametric Recurrent Event Data Analysis and the GRP Model
  • Converting data formats in Weibull++ 7's Warranty Analysis Folio
  • Using and changing RENO Spreadsheets during simulation
Issue 58, December 2005
  • Quantifying Optimum Burn-in Period
  • Monitoring Warranty Returns Using Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Customizing Failure Effect Categorization and Task Selection logic charts in RCM++
  • Tying external documents to analyses in RCM++ and Xfmea using linking and attachment
Issue 57, November 2005
  • Applications of Non-Parametric Recurrent Event Data Analysis in Reliability Engineering
  • Introduction to Non-Parametric Recurrent Event Data Analysis
  • Weibull++ 7's Degradation Model Wizard
  • Using Defined Variable Names in Weibull++ 7
Issue 56, October 2005
  • Using Weibull++ 7 and Monte Carlo Simulation for Probabilistic Design
  • Overview of the Gumbel, Logistic, Loglogistic and Gamma Distributions
  • Weibull++ 7's MDI
  • Using Weibull++ 7 with event logs
  • Where to find Weibull++ 7 examples and case studies
Issue 55, September 2005
  • Applications of the Weibull-Bayesian Distribution in Life Data Analysis
  • Introduction to the Weibull-Bayesian Distribution
  • Static blocks in BlockSim
  • Modeling Categorical Factors in ALTA
  • Debugging in RENO
Issue 54, August 2005
  • Determining the Connection Between Test and Field Reliability
  • Treating Common Cause Failures in Fault Trees
  • Allocating reliability goals across system components in Lambda Predict
  • Goodness-of-fit statistical tests in RGA
  • Where to find RENO examples and case studies
Issue 53, July 2005
  • Modeling Interactions Between Variables in Accelerated Life Testing or Life-Stress Analysis
  • Using Categorical Variables in Accelerated Life Testing and Life-Stress Analysis
  • Maintenance task packaging in RCM++
  • The differences between Xfmea Standard and Xfmea Enterprise
  • Goodness-of-fit results in Weibull++
Issue 52, June 2005
  • Standards Based Reliability Prediction: Applicability and Usage to Augment RBDs (Part III)
  • Introduction to Developmental Test Analysis with the Lloyd-Lipow Model
  • Cost Calculation for Maintenance Strategies in RCM++
  • Linked Actions and Tasks in Xfmea and RCM++
Issue 51, May 2005
  • Standards Based Reliability Prediction: Applicability and Usage to Augment RBDs (Part II)
  • Utilizing Residual Plots in Accelerated Life Testing Data Analysis
  • The AVGOF and AVPLOT columns in Weibull++'s Distribution Wizard
  • Using Weibull++ to predict optimum replacement date or remaining life in hours
  • Container blocks and mirrored blocks in BlockSim 6.2
Issue 50, April 2005
  • Standards Based Reliability Prediction: Applicability and Usage to Augment RBDs (Part I)
  • Introduction to the Temperature-Humidity Relationship
  • BlockSim's Algorithm Setup window
  • Comparing times-to-failure data sets in ALTA
Issue 49, March 2005
  • Using Warranty Return Data to Compare Different Product Designs
  • Introduction to the Crow-AMSAA Reliability Growth Model
  • Opening Lambda Predict's parts libraries in the background
  • Changing operating conditions for multiple components in Lambda Predict: MIL-217 Global Edit
Issue 48, February 2005
  • Using BlockSim to Analyze Systems that Do Not Operate 24 Hours per Day
  • Beta Binomial Confidence Bounds on the Mixed Weibull Distribution
  • Viewing all block properties simultaneously in BlockSim: the Item Properties Table
  • The location parameter in Weibull++
Issue 47, January 2005
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Characteristics of the Lognormal Distribution
  • Organizing displayed systems in RGA's System Operation plot
  • ReliaSoft's 2005 public reliability training seminars - dates and locations
  • Reliability-related Web sites
Issue 46, December 2004
  • Using Weibull++ and BlockSim to calculate t-sub-0
  • Basic Concepts of FMEA and FMECA
  • What is the difference between cumulative and instantaneous MTBF?
  • What type of life data analysis can be done when all data is suspended?
Issue 45, November 2004
  • Bringing It All Together
  • Common Shape Parameter Likelihood Ratio Test
  • Characteristic life vs. mean life in the Weibull distribution
  • Weibull distribution vs. Power Law model
Issue 44, October 2004
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Comparison of RBD and Fault Tree Simulation
  • Start times greater than zero in RGA 6
  • Failure times data in RGA 6: when to use Weibull++ in addition to RGA
Issue 43, September 2004
  • Data Collection
  • Basic Concepts of Accelerated Life Testing Analysis
  • Converting classifications and modes in RGA 6
  • Changing x-axis label orientation in RGA 6
Issue 42, August 2004
  • Field Data
  • Likelihood Ratio Confidence Bounds
  • The Beta (hyp.) value in the Crow Extended Model in RGA 6
  • Tracking reliability growth across test phases in RGA 6
  • Evaluating improvements across stages in RGA 6
Issue 41, July 2004
  • Reliability Testing
  • Fielded Systems in Reliability Growth (Part II)
  • Xfmea's failure cause matrix
  • Customizing the appearance of the Project window in Xfmea
Issue 40, June 2004
  • Restructured Reliability Education Offerings
  • Fielded Systems in Reliability Growth (Part I)
  • Error message in BlockSim when import XML file from XFMEA
  • International Applied Reliability Symposium keynote speaker
Issue 39, May 2004
  • Introduction to Reliability Growth
  • Foundations of Reliability
  • Contact information for ReliaSoft's international distributors
  • Integrating FMEA with APQP guidelines in Xfmea
  • Searching for and importing previously analyzed components in Xfmea
Issue 38, April 2004
  • An Accelerated Life Testing Model Involving Performance Degradation
  • Overview of Fault Tree Gates (Part II)
  • New features and enhancements in Xfmea Standard
  • Attaching documents to RGA 6 files
  • Separating classification and mode data in RGA 6
Issue 37, March 2004
  • Software Reliability Growth
  • Overview of Fault Tree Gates (Part I)
  • Importing data from Microsoft Excel into RGA 6
  • Organizing systems in the Advanced System View in RGA 6
  • Finding past issues of the Hotwire
Issue 36, February 2004
  • Developmental Testing with Corrective Actions Implemented During the Test and Delayed Fixes
  • Predicting Warranty Returns
  • Assigning a fixed effectiveness factor in RGA 6
  • Marking termination time on RGA 6 plots
Issue 35, January 2004
  • Financial Applications for Weibull Analysis
  • Specifications and Product Failure Definitions
  • BlockSim RBD circular references
  • Theory behind ReliaSoft applications
Issue 34, December 2003
  • Using Accelerated Life Testing Analysis to Characterize "Shelf Life"
  • What Are Confidence Bounds?
  • Assigning stress profiles in ALTA 6 PRO
  • B and C parameters in ALTA 6
Issue 33, November 2003
  • Expanded Algebraic Solutions for RBDs and FTDs
  • Ability to Edit Item Properties in Separate Worksheets
  • Maximum Likelihood Function
  • ReliaSoft's 2004 public training seminars dates and locations
  • Mean metric when using the Weibull distribution
  • System reliability uncertainty in BlockSim
Issue 32, October 2003
  • Limitations of Using the MTTF as a Reliability Specification
  • Characterizing Your Product's Reliability
  • Difference between RBDs and FTDs
  • Weibull++ probability plot and calculated MLE
Issue 31, September 2003
  • Using Maintenance Policies
  • Overview of BlockSim Containers in Simulation
  • Xfmea Standard database maintenance tools
  • Building a custom application using Weibull++ engines
  • Index of ReliaSoft's publications
Issue 30, August 2003
  • Analyzing Accelerated Test Data with Unrelated Failures
  • Using Pools and Crews in System Analysis (Part II)
  • Weibull++'s Use True 3-P MLE on Weibull option
  • Rank regression in ALTA
Issue 29, July 2003
  • Using the Fault Tree Method to Analyze Dependent and Independent Failure Modes
  • Using Pools and Crews in System Analysis (Part I)
  • Revision tracking in Xfmea
  • ReliaSoft seminars
Issue 28, June 2003
  • The Effect of Inspection Intervals
  • Throughput Analysis (Part II)
  • Email notifications in Xfmea
  • Criticality analysis in Xfmea
Issue 27, May 2003
  • Using Reliability Block Diagrams to Analyze Dependent and Independent Failure Modes
  • Throughput Analysis (Part I)
  • Editing records in Xfmea's FMEA Hierarchy
  • Xfmea's Check Analysis utility
Issue 26, April 2003
  • ReliaSoft's Alternate Ranking Method
  • Relationship Between Availability and Reliability
  • Free reliability tools
  • Defining stress relations for general log-linear model in ALTA
Issue 25, March 2003
  • Introduction to Probability Theory
  • Understanding Unbiasedness
  • BlockSim 6 data entry shortcuts
  • ReliaSoft support options
Issue 24, February 2003
  • Imperfect Repair
  • Design of Reliability Tests
  • Specifying icons on Weibull++ Data Folio Control Panel
  • Converting temperature values in ALTA
  • ReliaSoft's software validation and quality assurance practices
Issue 23, January 2003
  • A Look Under the Hood at the Cumulative Damage Model
  • Comparing Two Data Sets
  • Changing the Data Type in Weibull++
  • Correcting Distortion in Chart Wizard Charts
Issue 22, December 2002
  • The Bathtub Curve and Product Failure, Part Two
  • Reliability of Standby Systems with a Switching Device
  • Reliability Benchmark Survey
  • Report Work Center Page Numbers
  • Using the Results Panel to Print Calculated Results
  • Weibull++ File Import Wizard
Issue 21, November 2002
  • The Bathtub Curve and Product Failure, Part One
  • Determining the Reliability of a System with Standby Redundancy
  • Calculating Optimum Replacement Time in Weibull++
  • Using the Weibull++ QCP for Multiple Data Sheets
  • Creating Web-friendly Graphics from RS Draw
Issue 20, October 2002
  • Determining System Reliability with Load Sharing
  • Difference Between Physical and Reliability-Wise Arrangement
  • Difference Between ALTA 6 Standard and ALTA 6 PRO
  • Source for Reliability Resources on the Web
  • Specify Time-Varying Stress Profiles in ALTA 6
Issue 19, September 2002
  • Looking at Thermal Cycling in QALT
  • Contour Plots and Confidence Bounds on Parameters (Part II)
  • ReliaSoft License Policies
  • Hide/Display RBD Reliability Equation in BlockSim
  • Represent Subdiagram Block as Distribution in BlockSim
Issue 18, August 2002
  • Accelerated Life Testing...Why?
  • Contour Plots and Confidence Bounds on Parameters
  • Differences Between ALTA and Weibull++
  • Significance Level in ALTA's Likelihood Ratio Test Utility
  • Nested Functions in the Weibull++ or ALTA Function Wizard
Issue 17, July 2002
  • Let the Data Speak About Activation Energy
  • Differences Between Type I and Type II Confidence Bounds
  • Stress Plots for Multiple Stresses in ALTA's Side-by-Side Plots
  • ALTA 6 PRO's Time Varying Stress Calculation Options
Issue 16, June 2002
  • Verifying the Assumption of a Constant Shape Parameter in Accelerated Life Data
  • Comparison of MLE and Rank Regression When the Data Set Contains Suspensions
  • BlockSim Format Painter
  • BlockSim Integration with Weibull++
Issue 15, May 2002
  • Generalized Gamma Distribution and Reliability Analysis
  • Location Parameter of the Weibull Distribution
  • Stress Levels in ALTA 6 Probability Plots
  • ALTA 6 PRO Stress Libraries
Issue 14, April 2002
  • Financial Applications for Weibull Analysis
  • Characteristics of the Weibull Distribution
  • BlockSim Subdiagrams and Repair Times
  • User Name and Company in Weibull++ 5.0
Issue 13, March 2002
  • Using Reliability Information Throughout the Organization
  • Defining Distributions - Part 2: Deriving Reliability Functions
  • Windows 2000 and Weibull++ 5.0
  • Data Requirements for ALTA Analysis
Issue 12, February 2002
  • Multimodal Analysis
  • Defining Distributions - Part 1: The Probability Density Function
  • System Failure Rates and BlockSim
  • MLE Parameter Estimates in Weibull++
  • Interview with Brian Haan of LaserComm Inc.
Issue 11, January 2002
  • Customer Usage Profiling
  • Nonparametric Analysis
  • Confidence Bounds
  • PNZ in Weibull++
Issue 10, December 2001
  • Fostering a Culture of Reliability
  • Rank Regression Parameter Estimation
  • Underlying Theory for ReliaSoft Software
  • Confidence Bounds on Parameters in Weibull++
Issue 9, November 2001
  • Determining the Connection Between Test and Field Reliability
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation
  • Probability Scales in Weibull++ Plots
  • BlockSim and k-out-of-n parallel redundancy configurations
Issue 8, October 2001
  • Estimating Availability Through Simulation
  • Probability Plotting
  • ReliaSoft Plots in Other Applications
  • Repeating Simulation Results in BlockSim
  • Weibull++'s "Use True 3-P MLE on Weibull" Option
Issue 7, September 2001
  • Using Accelerated Life Testing Analysis to Characterize "Shelf Life"
  • The Reliability Function
  • Program ID on Weibull++ and ALTA Plots
  • Stress Profiles in ALTA 6 PRO
  • Circular References in BlockSim RBDs
Issue 6, August 2001
  • Reliability Allocation and Optimization
  • Sources of Reliability and Life Data - Part 2: Field Data
  • Align Blocks in BlockSim
  • Borders on Weibull++ Plots
Issue 5, July 2001
  • Analyzing Sudden-Death Testing Data
  • Sources of Reliability and Life Data - Part 1: Reliability Testing Basics
  • Display Suspensions on Probability Plots
  • Design Reliability Test with Two Test Units
  • Copy RBD into Diagrams within BlockSim
  • Interview with Dr. Robert Herrick of Agilent Technologies
Issue 4, June 2001
  • Analyzing Step-Stress Data
  • What Are Confidence Bounds
  • Parameters B and C in ALTA
  • Insert Identical Blocks in Series in BlockSim
  • Weibull++ Multiple Plots
Issue 3, May 2001
  • Determining the Reliability of Complex Systems - Part 2: Simulation
  • Developing Good Reliability Specifications
  • Component Failure and Repair Information in BlockSim
  • Weibull++ Default Multiple Plot Settings
  • Two Stresses in ALTA
Issue 2, April 2001
  • Determining the Reliability of Complex Systems - Part 1: Analytical Techniques
  • Specifications and Product Failure Definitions
  • Speedy Data Entry in Weibull++ and ALTA
  • Two Stresses in ALTA
  • Latest Software Updates
  • Windows 2000 Installations
Issue 1, March 2001
  • Which Analysis Settings Should I Use?
  • Characterizing Your Product's Reliability
  • MLE Line and Weibull++ Probability Plots
  • Error When Opening Weibull++ or ALTA Folio
  • Simultaneous Updates of Multiple Blocks in BlockSim
  • Sharing Plots from ReliaSoft Software