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Issue 6, August 2001

Tool Tips
Is there an easy way to align the blocks in BlockSim?
Yes, you can access the Diagram Setup window by pressing Ctrl+D, or right-clicking the background of the RBD diagram area and choosing Diagram Setup from the shortcut menu.

BlockSim's Diagram Setup Window

This gives you the option to select Snap to Grid, which automatically aligns the blocks in the RBD diagram grid. It also allows you to hide or display grid lines in the diagram sheet, and change other aspects of the appearance of the diagram.

How do I avoid having borders on my printed plots in Weibull++?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are printing the plot directly from the Weibull++ Plot Sheet or from the RS Draw utility. If you are printing from the Plot Sheet, go to the Plot page of the User Setup and click to de-select the Print Outline on Plot by Default option. (Select User Setup from the File menu to open the User Setup window.)

Weibull++ User Setup

If you are printing a plot from RS Draw, the border printing option is controlled by an option in the lower right side of the RS-Draw Graphic Print window. Click to de-select the Print Border option.

Note that the setting in the User Setup has no effect on graphs printed from RS Draw, and vice versa.

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